Saturday, May 21, 2016

Easy way to get rid of Cellulite fast

Short or tall, thin or not cellulite is not selective when it comes to body type.  An estimated 85% of women suffer from this condition! Cellulite is mainly the accumulation of fat cells, proteins, and toxins that have not been eliminated by the body. It can even affect people who have relatively no fat in their bodies. The causes of cellulite are numerous and include genetics, poor diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, hormonal changes..

One of the most popular and efficient ingredients in fighting cellulite is coffee. It is used in lots of lotions, shower gels and soaps especially designed for you to forget about this stressful and unaesthetic condition. Used together with powerful essential oils, it can make miracles! I will present you a simple and very efficient procedure to get rid of cellulite that will give results in a short period of time.

Easy way to get rid of Cellulite fast

I have been thigh-wrapping for around 5 months now and while they have gotten a heck of a lot softer, I have noticed a huge reduction in my cellulite-mainly due to lifting heavier weights, drinking more water, and eating the right foods.

Ingredients :

Instructions :

- Combine ingredients in a glass measuring jar and microwave for 30 seconds to melt the oil.
- Stir and pour into an air-tight container.
- Use once per week. Massage mixture into your thighs and wrap tightly with seran wrap. Let sit for one hour or so-maybe turn on a Netflix show and get lost.
- Shower off and pat your legs dry
- Optional: use the brush afterwards to help remove excess lymph.



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